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Canoe 2 Routes & Hire

Trip 8 - Hardwater Mill to Thrapston


2 Days


All-Adult Group

Adults with Children all aged 10 or over


16 miles

Route Description

​Two days on the river, camping with your own tent at Ditchford Lock or Blackthorne Lake Marina


2 person canoe £135.00
3 person canoe £170.00
4 person canoe £175.00

Route Details

  • ​Choice of camp locations

  • ​One Short, One Longer day


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More Information

Arrival Time: For this trip of two days, please be sure to arrive at our Ditchford Lock base no later than 11.15am on day one.

A small, but important note: Ian & Richard very much hope that these pages give you a good idea of the various trips offered by Canoe2. But really, there is no substitute for giving us a call and having a chat. We can talk over the various abilities in your group, the type of accommodation you prefer, and anything that might be important to you. That way, we can recommend the best trip for you. Or if you prefer, just drop us an email.

Why Paddle Hardwater Mill to Thrapston? Probably the most straight-forward of our overnight camping trips, this is simply a combination of our half-day trip from Hardwater Mill to Ditchford, followed by a wonderful full day paddle from Ditchford to Thrapston Nine Arches Bridge. Transport is included upstream at the start, and we also bring you back at the end. So you’ll start at, camp at, and end back at our base at Ditchford Lock, so no need to take your tent with you in the canoe. Or, you can choose to camp at Blackthorne Lake Marina, making your first day the longer, and your second day a shorter half day (you’ll need to transport your tent with you for this option).

Overnight Accommodation: The night before setting off, you might choose to camp at our base at Ditchford Lock, or stay at the nearby Travelodge at Rushden. Then, after your first day paddling you’ll be able to camp at Ditchford Lock, before setting off to Thrapston on day two.

Locks: The locks along the river make great rest points. Access to and from the river either side of the locks is generally via low level portage platforms either side of the locks. Where portages are not available, access varies but is typically via boat moorings or low level floating pontoons. We also supply, included in the price of your package, great little canoe “trolleys”, so you can choose whether to carry, or simply wheel your canoe past the locks.

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