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British Canoeing BCU certified lessons

Tuition Sessions & "British Canoeing" Certificated Courses

We’re very excited to announce our first canoe & kayak lessons here at Rushden Lakes. The tuition & courses are appropriate for adults aged 18 or over, and teens aged 12 to 17 if they come along with an adult also taking part in the lesson.

If you just want dates & prices, please scroll straight to the bottom…

Introducing this season at Canoe 2:

• Tuition sessions

• Tandem canoeing tuition

• “British Canoeing” 1 Star Award

• “British Canoeing” 2 Star Award

Delivered by Cascade Watersports.

Cascade Watersports is owned and run by David Coulson who has over 20 years of instructing experience

David’s mission at Cascade is simply to provide a brilliant service that is right for you. The session’s and courses at Canoe2 will be using great kit, in a great location, following the British Canoeing syllabi and will be overseen by David who is an experienced Instructor, Coach and Centre Manager. He will strive to give you a canoe or kayak experience to meet your needs, whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to perfect those more advanced techniques.

Our offerings this season include taster sessions, bespoke training and “British Canoeing” certificated courses – get in touch to discuss your needs, on 01933 522 223

Tuition Sessions:

Try your hand at canoeing or kayaking with tuition from our coach. Participants will use one of our sit-on-top type kayaks.

The session will start with a safety briefing and you will be introduced to your equipment before going onto the water. You will then have the opportunity to paddle around on the lake learning basic techniques to control your boat.

There are no pre-requisites for this session.

“British Canoeing” 1 Star Award:

The British Canoeing One Star Course is a one-day introductory course to paddle-sports, which can be completed using kayaks or canoes, or a mix of both. The course covers the introductory skills required to start getting in control of moving your boat around, and an understanding of different types of boating, equipment, paddling skills, rescue skills and associated considerations.

The British Canoeing 1 Star Award Course Syllabus Includes:

• Safe moving of boats, launching, getting in and out

• Paddling forwards, steering and boat control

• Rescue skills and emptying capsized boats

• Considerations around canoeing and kayaking such as access, equipment, health and safety

“British Canoeing” 2 Star Award:

The British Canoeing Two Star Course is a two-day improver’s course, building on skills learned during the One Star course and introducing new ones. The course involves learning skills in both canoes and kayaks, learning to use both a single-bladed paddle (canoe) and a double-bladed paddle (kayak), to gain breadth of experience and understand how the paddle, boat and water interact. More in-depth boat handling skills are introduced and developed, and two different sheltered water locations are used during the course.

The British Canoeing Two Star Course Syllabus Includes:

• Efficient forwards paddling, steering & turning, moving sideways

• Manoeuvring in confined spaces

• Capsize prevention

• Rescue skills

• An assessed sheltered water journey

• Skills learnt in both canoes and kayaks

Tandem Canoeing Tuition:

Try your hand at tandem canoeing with tuition from our coach, using one of our kitted out canoes.

For many people, paddling is all about the quiet, stress-free calm that comes with heading out alone and under your own power. Think about it: taking the boat out for an early-morning trip across a glassy, mist-covered lake; sliding silently alone with your thoughts. It’s one of the most sublime experiences in paddling.

But, add a second person to the mix, and that everyday excursion takes on a whole new aspect: teamwork. Now imagine gliding across that water in perfect sync; making complex four-handed manoeuvres, and sharing the unique partnership that only tandem paddlers can understand.

The session will start with a safety briefing and you will be introduced to your equipment before going onto the water. You will then have the opportunity to paddle around on the lake learning basic techniques to control your boat as a tandem and learning how to become in sync with each other.

There are no pre-requisites for this session.


More Dates Will Be Added, So Do Call To Let Us Know Your Interest on 01933 522 223.

British Canoeing 1 Star Awards - One Day from 9.30am to 4.30pm - £100 per person

  • Saturday April 21st
  • Saturday May 12th
  • Saturday June 16th
  • Saturday July 21st
  • Thursday August 23rd

British Canoeing 2 Star Awards - Two Days from 9.30am to 4.30pm - £160 per person

  • Monday & Tuesday June 18th/19th
  • Saturday & Sunday September 22nd/23rd

Kayak Tuition Sessions - 2 hours - £40 per person (using 1-person sit-on-top kayak)

Canoe Tuition Sessions - 2 hours - £35 per person (using 2-person Open Canoe)

Various Canoe & Kayak 2-hour sessions available on the following dates:

  • Monday May 7th
  • Tuesday July 24th

Tandem Canoeing Tuition - Half Day - £60 per person

  • 2019

Fancy a 2-person/tandom canoe session, but coming on your own? Not a problem! If numbers are right we’ll match you up with somebody to share your canoe. Half the fun is getting to know people and making friends.

Payment is in full upon booking - Please note that we can not run courses unless we have a minimum of 4 people booked. If course cancelled you will be informed at least a week before your chosen date, and we will hope to agree another date. Of course, if another date can not be agreed, your payment will be refunded.

Unfortunately we can not accept children under 12 years of age on our courses, and children aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult also taking part in the lessons

Maximum Group sizes:

  • BC Awards - 6
  • Tuition Sessions & Tandems - 8

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