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Our Canoe Shop Is Open! Based right by the lake at the incredible new Rushden Lakes Leisure, Retail & Tourism destination, we are delighted to have opened the doors of “The Canoe2 Boathouse” to the public.

Right by the lake, The Boathouse is our new HQ, office, shop, meeting room and general “come say hi, and learn what we offer” sort of place.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. This page is all about the ‘Canoe Shop’. And yes, for the first time, we have a proper shop, where we stock a selection of open “Hou” Canadian Canoes, Perception and WaveSport Kayaks & Sit-On-Tops, and lots of great kit to go with them, where you’ll be able to come and get great advice (if you want it) on the best craft for you

You’ll also find a great range of Palm buoyancy aids for paddlers, “Baltic” buoyancy aids for boaters, as well as fabulous-looking floatation clothing and even doggy buoyancy aids in a full range of sizes.

Or perhaps treat yourself to a beautiful Grey Owl Wooden Paddle, or the ever-useful C-Tug trolley, the best portage trolley by far.

Lots more in-store, do come see us soon…

phone on 01933 522 223

email, just CLICK HERE

Oh, and by the way, that pic over there, to the left, is The Boathouse from the sky. Sorry, did we mention we’re a little excited?

Special Offers

15 to 20% off all 2018 bookings…

Come see if we can tempt you…

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Rushden Lakes

We’ve Moved… And We’re Hiring… Find out about our new home environment at the wonderful new Leisure, Retail & Tourism Destination, Rushden Lakes… See Here for Jobs Too…

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Does what it says in the header. Follow the link below and you’ll be able to Contact Us, and yes, Find Us.

Just need our number? It’s 01933 522 223

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Wildlife Paddles

In partnership with The Wildlife Trust, we’re offering fabulous Bat Spotting paddles VERY SOON - Friday Evenings, 25th Aug and 1st Sept 2017

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