On The Nene Since 2010, Solar Powered Since 2017...

At Canoe2 we are offered the unique opportunity to explore the environment around us, and we've always been concerned about how to do so in an eco-friendly way. We've been solar powered since 2017 and from 2022 we'll be going 'all electric', this means that we'll be powered by renewable electricity including our vehicles on the ground and in the water.¹ Further improving Canoe2's carbon footprint also means that we can explore even more of the world around us without removing the same opportunity from generations to come. After the rise in cases from the Covid-19 Pandemic and related Government restrictions, we also became paperless in 2020 which also helps to minimise our effect on the environment due to deforestation.

¹ Renewable electricity is generated by solar panels on site, the energy generated is usually enough to satisfy our usage, but in the event that it is not we are dependant on the national grid for any excess electricity.

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