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Canoe 2 Routes & Hire

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Bundle G - Thrapston to Oundle “Champing” at Aldwincle


2 Days


All-Adult Group

Adults with Children all aged 10 or over

Adults with Children aged 5 to 10


9.5 miles (5.5, 4)

Route Description

​Two short days paddling, and unique experience sleeping over in the beautiful Allsaints Church, Aldwincle. Church Camping, known as “Champing” is a lovely experience and the church is just a short walk from the river. Breakfast is delivered to the church in the morning to complete your stay before you set off for your second day paddling. As with all our “Bundled” trips, pick up from the end of the second day, as well as the all-important baggage transfer to/from the church, are included.

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Minimum Booking - 4 people


Minimum 2 people. Price shown is PER PERSON £198.00
Family Discount (family of 4 or more, including at least two children aged 5 to 16) PER PERSON, family rate by phone only £188.00

Route Details

  • Amazing Champing Experience, camping in a church

  • ​Breakfast delivered to the church

  • Great choice for Ramblers

  • Phone to learn more about making day one a far longer, much more challenging paddle


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More Information

Lots of time, and love detail? This is the place for you…

Pre-Booking Essential - Minimum Booking - 4 people

CHAMPING with Canoe2 and The Churches Conservation Trust

We’re very excited to team up with The Churches Conservation Trust, creating an absolutely unique new experience - camping in a church, or… “CHAMPING”

Combining your Canoeing adventure with one of the Trust’s many exquisite historic churches, the magnificent medieval All Saints Church in the picturesque village of Aldwincle in Northamptonshire.

The church is almost cavernous in feel, with few furnishings, offering a rare chance to see its beautiful limestone arcades and arches up close.

Bookings will benefit from use of the church on an exclusive basis for the night, minimum booking of two people.

This fabulous adventure offers you the opportunity to paddle some of the most beautiful and peaceful sections of the River Nene combined with some excellent walking along the Nene Way and the opportunity to camp inside an 800-year-old medieval church in this outstanding location.

Day 1

Meet up time is 9.30am at Nine Arches Bridge Boat Moorings in Thrapston to begin your paddle. After a couple of miles you can come off the main river and portage over part of Titchmarsh Nature reserve before re-entering a quiet and most delightful backwater, Harpers Brook. After re-joining the main river, your next stop will be The King′s Head at Wadenhoe which is located on the river and is well situated for lunch. The setting here is just Idyllic and dates back to the 17th century. The perfect riverside thatched inn with an excellent reputation for its food, drink and atmosphere.

After lunch, retrace your paddle strokes for about ½ mile where you will leave your canoe for the night. Join the Nene Way here and head on foot to your overnight accommodation, Aldwincle’s All Saints Church, which will be all yours for the night.

If you’d like to consider making your first day into a far longer, much more challenging paddle, please phone to learn more.

As dusk falls on the honey-coloured limestone of All Saints, moonlight illuminates the simple and serene interior, falling through the clear
glass windows across the plain lime washed walls. The star-studded skies gleam all night long and the peaceful, solid building becomes a soporific haven for any overnight guest.

The practical stuff – comfy fold-out camping beds are provided. Also other furniture such as rugs, cushions, camping chairs and bean bags to make your visit as cosy and comfortable as possible. But, just like our comfy camping, you’ll need to bring your sleeping bags and pillows. If in doubt, pack it! We provide an eco-loo; a new type of composting loo which works on solar power. This is very hygienic, non-whiffy and comfortable! We do provide some lanterns and battery-operated candles, but feel free to bring torches, camping lanterns and whatever you feel necessary to light your Champing™ experience.

Aldwincle vicarage, opposite All Saints, was the birthplace of the poet laureate John Dryden; he was born there as the eldest of fourteen children in 1631 and he is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Day 2

After breakfast is delivered from Pear Tree Farm, you can choose from walking around Titchmarsh Nature reserve, or maybe take a longer walk to Lyvden Manor, the uncompleted Tudor manor that once belonged to Sir Thomas Tresham, who became embroiled in the Gun Powder Plot. There are tea rooms at Lyvden, and also at Wadenhoe.

When you are ready to continue your journey down river, you will pass the splendid Lilford Hall, once the home of Sir Thomas Powys, who held the post of Attorney General to King James II. If time allows once you reach Oundle Mill, you can take the small pretty backwater that passes around Barnwell Country Park and return along the main river back to Oundle Mill. From here at 4.30pm we will shuttle you back to your start point in Thrapston.

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